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If there are repairs that need to be done around your home, then it’s time to call and book the team of experts to help out. We have many years of experience and a long list of handyman Hackney reviews. A few of our past customers have shared their handyman reviews below:

“We needed to baby proof the kitchen and we were really glad to find out that your company offers such a service. Very fast and affordable.”

Melissa Doland

“It was about time we changed the door in the living room and these guys did it in a couple of minutes. Really professional, if you live in Hackney, these are the people we recommend.”

Jamie S.

“We needed some shelves above the TV and we’re glad we contracted this company. They work fast and are very friendly. We’ll surely call them again”

Mr. Whitler

“We needed some assistance with the fitting of a dishwashing machine in our kitchen. The handymen were very patient and easy to talk to. They did an excellent job and we won’t hesitate to recommend them!”

Corey Morton

“The handymen were right on time, well-prepared and they got the job done very quickly & efficiently. The cost was a bit high but compared to the quality of work it didn’t matter that much. Thanks for the service!”

Megan Holmes